Do you want to design a limited edition label and win €2000 while having it displayed in some of

the world’s best bars? If so please send your design’s to:






ABELHA ORGANIC CACHAÇA is launching an international competition to find a new label for its limited edition 2016 SUMMER LABEL. The competition is open to everyone and aims to select one piece of artwork to use as Abelha’s limited edition label Summer 2016. The limited edition will be sold at selected retailers in the UK and across Europe. The 10 best artworks will also be selected, printed and displayed during at an exhibition marking the launch of the new label at an event taking place in June 2016.



We invite you to enter a piece of art, preferably 2-dimensional, inspired by the Brasilian state of BAHIA; any shape, form, instrument, food, landscape, people, heart, simplicity or rural rhythm of Bahia.



• Artworks sizes and dimensions are up to the artist´s discretion, provided that it can be re-scaled to the dimensions of the bottle label (length to width ratio of 1.65) to include the Abelha Organic Cachaça logo (logo can be downloaded from www.abelhacachaca.com)

• Each artist can submit a maximum of 3 pieces, and submissions must be made by individuals only.

• The works must be easy to transport and made of non-perishable material

• There is no submission fee

• Creative artworks will be accepted in High Resolution PDF or JPEG (min 300dpi)

• Submissions can be made from 23 November 2015 to 21 March 2016, via the
following email:




  1. 4. PRIZE

We’re offering a prize of €2000 (two thousand euros) to the winning artist whose artwork is chosen to be an Abelha Limited Edition Summer Label.

The top 10 entries will also be selected printed and featured in an exhibition and launch event celebrating the new Summer Label, planned for June 2016, in London with the presence of artists, food and beverage experts, press and special guests.

The prize will be paid to the winner upon signature of contract authorizing the artwork to be used as Abelha Summer Label, giving the brand rights over the piece, which can be used in marketing and press materials as well.



Abelha Summer Label competition is open to international and local individuals of any nationality. Participants must be aged 18 or over. All artworks must be original; they must not infringe the copyrights or intellectual property rights of any person or entity. Artworks must not violate the privacy of any person, nor can they have any sexually explicit, violent or racist content.



In 2015 ABELHA ORGANIC CACHAÇA invited Brazilian based urban artist Ananda Nahu (anahu.com) to create a special design for ABELHA´S first limited edition summer label, marking the start of the competition, ABELHA ART AWARDS. The new ABELHA bottles featuring Ananda´s special design were launched in JUNE 2015 and sold in selected retailers during Summer 2015 (see images and supporting material enclosed). The launch took place at Coya Members Club and was promoted to UK wide media as well as through Abelha´s social media channels. This journey was the inspiration behind the ABELHA ART AWARDS COMPETITION, and ABELHA has decided to release a call to select a new remarkable artwork to represent Abelha’s special Summer Label 2016, thus engaging with a broader group of artists, designers and illustrators in this process.



ABELHA ORGANIC CACHAÇA is an artisanal organic cachaça hailing from the lush green hills of Bahia´s countryside, a north-eastern state in Brazil. The plantation is located in the small town of Rio de Contas, surrounded by the beautiful scenery of CHAPADA DIAMANTINA NATIONAL PARK. ABELHA has a strong commitment with organic farming practices, traditional distilling methods, fairtrade principles, simplicity and Bahia is well regarded as one of the most beautiful, artistic, fun-loving and musical regions in Brazil. Launched in UK in 2009, the brand quickly reached the premium level category due to its quality and taste. ABELHA ORGANIC CACHAÇA is now available at top UK bars, restaurants and retailers including Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols. ABELHA is now sold in 11 different countries: UK, FRANCE, BELGIUM, GERMANY, SPAIN, DENMARK, NORWAY, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, VIETNAM and HONG KONG.



Cachaça, Brazil’s most popular drink, is woven into the history of the nation, having bolstered the colonial economy and provoked the first rebellion against the Portuguese.    And although cachaça was first made before rum, it was only early this century when it gained international (2012 in the USA) legal status and declared officially as Brazilian.

After Brazil was ‘discovered’ by Cabral around 1500, many Portuguese returned with sugarcane shoots in the early 16th century, needing to expand sugar production in Madeira. Regions like São Vicente, Pernambuco, and Recôncavo Baiano were soon transformed into vast plantations. As colonies were established along the coast, cachaça began to be produced; most likely using stills that were brought from Madeira where a kind of aguardente (fire water) was already being made. Much more poetically, cachaça was discovered by serendipity when fresh sugarcane juice reserved for drinking or for livestock fermented naturally and evaporated to condense into droplets; these then fell on the slaves who discovered that it was not only delicious but also intoxicating.. Pinga (meaning drip), slang for cachaça, was born.

Nowadays, cachaça has become an integral part of Brazilian culture, as synonymous with the country as bossa nova, carnival, or football. It is produced and enjoyed all over Brazil and is enjoying an exciting renaissance; trendy cachaçarias have sprung up in Brazil’s major cities and, more recently, in many cities of around the world.



The jury will consist of 5 individuals including artists/designers involved in previous artwork developed for Abelha.



Artists will be contacted if their work has been selected by the jury. We will then start procedures for use of the artworks during the events to follow. All artists sending applications during the open call agree through a signing form that they authorize ABELHA ORGANIC CACHAÇA to use their entries for promotional purposes in social media and marketing material.



Download our moodboard here


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